City voters cast ballots in the 2022 election. Voting has already started for the 2023 primary elections, with Election Day on Tuesday. Photo courtesy Thomas Walters.

Voting in Progress for Council, BOE, and County Leg

City residents are selecting Democratic candidates for several positions including the Common Council. Early voting in the primary has begun and lasts through the weekend. Primary Election Day is Tuesday.

By Timia Cobb

Nearly 100 South Side residents have already done their civic duty and voted in the upcoming primary to select candidates for several important positions.

And you can still vote early, too. Early voting continues through Sunday (June 25th) with sites at five locations including Beauchamp Library, 2111 S. Salina St., and Syracuse Community Connections, 425 South Ave. The sites are open today until 6 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Regular voters only need show up and give their names to poll workers to vote, whereas first time voters should bring an ID, said Thomas Walters, director of communications for the county library system.

Walters said Beauchamp has been an early voting site for the last two years. Turnout at the site tends to be low, but the library staff have been working to spread the word and encourage people to vote early.

During early voting for the 2022 primary election, Beauchamp Library had 196 voters use its polling site. Ninety-nine voters have used the site this year since early voting started on June 17, according to the Onondaga County Board of Elections Facebook page.

Races of interest to city voters include:

Democratic Primaries

Onondaga County 15th district Legislature (vote for 1)
District represents near-western suburbs and southern and western parts of the city

Timothy M. Rudd

Maurice Mo Brown

Syracuse City Auditor (vote for 1)

Alexander Marion

Nader P. Maroun

Syracuse Councilor-At-Large (vote for 2)

Rita Paniagua

Jennifer Schultz

Chol Majok

Commissioner of Education (vote for 4)

Tamica Barnett

Mary E. Habib

Gwendolyn H. Raeford

Michael E. Root

Ranette L. Releford

Councilor – District 1
Covers much of the North Side

Sean Reed, Jr.

Marty Nave

Councilor – District 4
Covers downtown and parts of the South Side

Patrona Jones-Rowser

Bruce Conner

A full list of 2023 primary election contests is here. In addition to the early voting opportunities, polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Primary Election Day on Tuesday. Contact the Board of Elections for more information.

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