Laugh Until It Hurt

When Lisa Holloman first had the idea to organize a Christian Comedy Night for the community, she started looking around for comedians.

There was a bit of a selection process for “Laugh Until it Hurt.” As a Christian Comedy Night, all the jokes had to be clean and free of curse words. But Holloman, who has lived on the South Side all her life and is now an Elder at the Syracuse Salt of the Earth Ministries, found three comedians easily.

Two of them appeared unexpectedly. A co-worker of Holloman’s told her that he and his brother did comedy around Syracuse as a hobby.

“He’s very funny. I believe he’s got what it takes,” said Holloman. Before long, David and Rickey Wordley were added to the roster.

The next is Sister Roberta Chaney, a minister in Syracuse. She assumes the alternate identity of Sister Roundtree when she performs, often in full costume and accompanied by musical instruments.

The event’s MC will be Minister Markita Birden-Collins. Holloman says that many comedians are hidden. They’re just everyday people with a good sense of humor.

“They tell jokes, make people laugh, and bring healing to someone,” Holloman said.

That’s why she’s excited about the Open Mic part of the evening, where everyone can come up and tell a clean joke.

“If they’re good, we’ll applaud them, and if they’re bad we’ll say God bless you!” Holloman laughed.

The event is free of charge and open to all ages and faiths. It will be held at the Syracuse Salt of the Earth Ministries.

“The whole church is behind me,” Holloman said.

Members of the church will volunteer to make the event possible. Holloman says she decided to go through with the project because she feels there aren’t many activities or entertainment options for the Christian community.

“I’m hoping to start something new in the city,” Holloman said.

She says she’d like to look for sponsors for a central gathering place where the Christian community can enjoy comedy, jazz, or other kinds of entertainment. All ages are welcome to the event, but child care will not be provided. The event will be held Saturday, July 30. It begins at 6 p.m. at the Syracuse Salt of the Earth Ministries located on 320 W. Onondaga St.

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