Boss Kids

Locally created calendars spotlight talent

Herizon, a Syracuse rapper and model, has grown her movement of empowerment by showcasing children in unique calendars — just as she has been showcasing women.


Since 2011, Herizon has given women the opportunity for their talents and accomplishments to be featured in a 12-month calendar called Upstate BossChicks. Now she is doing the same for children by creating Upstate BossKids calendars to spotlight the positive things they are doing.

When I asked Herizon what makes her a boss, she said: “Creating a lane for others to get future work from the calendar is what makes me a boss.”

A boss she is.

Starting from an idea, she has made the calendars a reality. The featured women are from all walks of life, races and sizes. The beauty and empowerment in the Upstate BossChicks calendar has set the bar, showing all women are beautiful.

Herizon released the kids’ version in February. Thirty-eight kids auditioned, and she featured all of them. Herizon says the reaction for the children’s calendar has been positive. By doing this diverse children’s calendar, she says the kids involved can inspire others.

Herizon has this advice for anyone who wants to turn a dream into a reality: Never give up and stay persistent.

To contact Herizon, email & to order calendars, visit and



— Article by Tammy Reese, The Stand community contributor

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