First Graders of McKinley–Brighton Magnet School Spread Holiday Cheer

The first-grade class of McKinley–Brighton Magnet School performed two rocking Christmas performances Thursday and Friday, Dec. 15 and 16, recently.

The performance was a first time experience for them, and it was wonderful to see the parents and family members in attendance clapping and cheering with great support of the children on stage.

First graders of McKinley–Brighton Magnet School perform as Santa's reindeers.

Mrs. Ladd, the music instructor, has been a part of McKinley-Brighton Magnet school for more than 11 years and works hard to bring a productive performance to the stage several times each year.

It’s a good learning experience, and motivates positive self-asteem within a child.

These children have worked hard to ensure that by saying a few words, most importantly, getting the lines right, they have accomplished something special.

Learning new things can be quite a challenge at times. To all the teaching instructors and parents who showed so much support, I applaud you. Holidays come and go each year; however Christmas is a holiday that brings great warmth and cheer.

Yes. It’s the most thankful and giving time of year. Happy Holidays!



— Photos and write-up provided by Glory Thomas


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