Podcast Episode 4

Spades is More Than a Game

“I would say it’s embedded within our community and even I’ll take a step further and just Black culture in general. People love playing Spades,” Tyrone Dixon said. “It brings out emotions, but it also brings out a kind of happiness and cares in good times.”

Dixon was born and raised in Syracuse where he first learned to play the popular card game Spades. But his connection goes beyond just a game — there’s a personal history there tied to family, community, collective knowledge and Black culture at large. 

Tune in to The Stand’s podcast “My South Side” to hear more from Dixon and others about their relationship to the card game Spades. Throughout the episode host Abby Fritz takes a deep dive into the culture of the game, everything from trash-talking to its historical origins in Southern Black communities. 

All episodes of “My South Side” are available on Spotify, and a transcript of this episode is provided here

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