Poetry by Jasmine Price

Like Liberty

Why can’t I be like the wind?

Listlessly sliding and gliding through the trees

I long to embody the breeze

Swirling and sighing silently where ever I please

I’d disturb tall grass,

Rustle dry leaves,

I’d journey over seas,

And get away from here fast.

Because here,

I am not the wind at all

I’m as stationary as a cinderblock

Just as heavy and just as tall

I have quick drying concrete on my feet

I am glued to my seat, weighed down by defeat.

But As long as my heart still beats

I will long to fly free

Brisling and rustling through the trees

Like my sweet life’s song

Humming and floating on the summer’s breeze.

Like liberty.

From Within

I feel so stupid.
Lay down my life willingly.
You think I’m gonna follow in old footsteps with no stability?
Ima move on no matter how they try killin’ me.
Yea the past is in the past so ima let it go and let it be,

And Breath…

Growing inside of me
Ima kill your dream, stomp it down so violently!
But, it’ll kill me too watching you scream silently,
All because your ego was too big to confide in me.

So Leave…

Pretty positive you know how to do so carelessly
While your spreading your ignorance around so abundantly
OH! But you love me to death you tell me constantly
Your tired and so is your game, it’s older than me.

Receive …

Thought I was going about this cautiously
Karma had to come around, tear me down, viciously.
Snuck up on me didn’t see it commin’, came in my sleep.
Now it’s got me praying to the Lord my God endlessly.


Lord, forgive me for what I’m about to let them do to me,
Forgive me for my sins, failures and discrepancy,
It aint nobody fault but mine I did this independently,
Reverse touching the hem of your cloak so I can let it go and feel it free
The Lord is healing me…

— Both by Jasmine Price

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