Where I'm From…

Spoken Word Poetry by Liz Mills, Corcoran High School Junior

Where I’m from..

I'm from a street that is believed to have no end.
I'm from a house surrounded by gangbangers, hoodlums & wanna-be gangstas

Where I'm from..

I'm from a place full of broken hearts and broken dreams..
I'm from a place full of babies crying & teenage mothers yearning for the life that
used to be.

Where I'm from..

I'm from a house full of cruelty and abuse..
And the dark secret place I go to hide from it all.

Where I'm from..

I'm from the lies and deceit that was fed thru a mothers ear that led to procreation
in the womb
I'm from the make believe love that flowed thru her heart clouded the common sense
she pretends not to have.

Where am I from??

I guess it really doesn't matter,
but what does is how I need to strive to get to where I need to be

See Liz perform her poem in the following video from The Stand's Launch Party

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