South Side Families Celebrate Mother’s Day

By Natasha Schuyler

Mother’s Day is a time to spend with moms. Customers at DQ’s Diner plan on doing just that.

“We’re going to celebrate it at home,” says Cathy who has lived in the South Side for 33 years. “A nice dinner, a reading of the cards and all that good stuff.”

Mother’s day is very important to some families like Dorothy McCoy’s, who has come all the way from Monticello, NY to spend time with her two daughters who live here in Syracuse.

Evelyn Daniels-Walker who has lived in the area for the past 80 years has a Mother’s Day tradition associated with remembering her mother. “I wear white on Mother’s Day, because of my mother; it acts as a memorial,” Walker said. “I spend most of the time at church or around church.” Walker has eaten at DQ’s Diner every day for the past seven years and has been here through three owners of the restaurant.

The common theme is dinner and gifts, but really it is the one day to remember how important mothers are in our lives. The patrons at DQ’s Diner take full advantage of this opportunity.

— Natasha Schuyler, of Rome, interviewed people about their plans for Mother’s Day. Natasha will be a freshman at Newhouse this coming fall.

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