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Special Achiever

Sam Rowser with On Point helps local students achieve college dreams Ever since Sam Rowser overcame the obstacles in his life that stood between him and a college degree, he has firmly believed that education is the key to positive change and success. “In my life, I’ve had some bumps in the road, and the one thing that was consistent ... Read More »

Food For Hungry

Syracuse community members depend on pantries for nutrition Verleen Innis has a fresh and deep, pink scratch near her left eye. It’s not her first — nor is the story behind it a new one. The 54-year-old South Side resident says she tries to ration the food she gets from pantries, but it is tough for her and her disabled ... Read More »

Providing Nutritious Meals

Meals on Wheels shows it cares by making deliveries for 52 years A good morning rush doesn’t require a hot cup of coffee — just a kitchen full of volunteers and staff at Meals on Wheels, where 1,000 free meals are made and delivered every week. Meals on Wheels of Syracuse is a not-for-profit agency that provides nutritious meals to ... Read More »

Focus on Disparity

Mayor adds two African-Americans to Citizens Cabinet The everyday South Siders who call for more African-Americans to represent them in government may have to do it themselves. But political experts in town and some African-Americans who have made it into city leadership acknowledge getting involved is costly and somewhat intimidating, and the very people calling for a greater voice sometimes ... Read More »

Receiving a Lift

Tucker Missionary Baptist Church provides members in need with financial, employment assistance Tucker Missionary Baptist Church provided Walter Tapley with spiritual guidance — but that won’t pay the rent. The church was there for that as well. “I had fallen on some hard times, and Tucker Missionary helped me through a lot of my struggles,” Tapley said. Read More »

Faith and Freedom

Emergency physician incorporates her Catholic beliefs into her hospital work For Louise Prince, religion is not something that stops when she leaves church. She practices her faith every day when she goes to work as an emergency physician at Upstate University Hospital. That faith shows in how she treats patients who may have no means of payment, and in the ... Read More »

Community Activist Calls on Youth to Rise Up Through New Radio Show

Ever since 2002, Mary Nelson, founder of the Mary Nelson Youth Center, has worked to empower her community. Recently Nelson decided to reach kids through the form of entertainment. On Thursday, April 12, Nelson will hold her first mock interview of the radio program Rise Up, which she says is scheduled to air on Clear Channel’s Power am 620 on ... Read More »

Citizen Review Board Names New Administrator

Today the newly revamped Citizen Review Board is excited to announce the appointment of the administrator that will lead the group forward. Joseph L. Lipari will be assuming the position of administrator on May 15, 2012. Read More »

Syr JAMS' Music Stand

Featuring the Jeff Houston Experience Syracuse has abundant musical talent, but much of it is underexposed. Syr JAMS’ Music Stand — which stands for Syracuse’s Joined Artists Musicians and Singers’ Music Stand — is a new feature created by The Stand’s A Friendly Five columnist Reggie Seigler and intended to be a platform for talent. Read More »

Students Hone Writing Skills at 'Rap, Rhythm & Rhyme' Workshop

In the cafeteria of Bethany Baptist Church, more than 200 students, parents and teachers sang, danced and rapped all for the same purpose — to learn how to be better writers. The church, located at 149 Beattie St., was host to writing consultant Erik Cork. Cork, the founder of International Write Now, Inc., presented his high-energy, interactive workshop, “Rap, Rhythm ... Read More »