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Stitching Meaning

Artist displays her culturally distinctive pieces To help her tell a story, Vanessa Johnson holds up a hand-stitched quilt, showing it off before her audience of young children and their parents gathered in Beauchamp Branch Library one afternoon last month. Through its different colors and fabrics, she said, the quilt would help her with the story of the “South Side ... Read More »

Strolling the South Side

Newly Opened South Literacy Zone assists in adult education and GEDs It has been more than 30 years since Arlene Brodbeck sat in a classroom. But at age 52, Brodbeck decided it was time to get her GED diploma — for her own education and so she could help her 25 grandchildren with homework. It was the South Literacy Zone that ... Read More »

Strolling the South Side

Beauchamp Library houses little-known nook for African-American works Ajiyah Coleman doesn’t know what a Sankofa bird is or that her local library has a room named after it. All she knows is that she likes to read about African-American history and “all that kind of stuff.” The 9-year-old Ajiyah, who lives across the street from the South Side’s Beauchamp Branch ... Read More »

Drums in the Library

Syracuse’s Congolese Community Performs at Beauchamp The air bends, reflecting the cauldron heat back from dry particulate earth. Following the well-trodden path to a cooled sanctuary, the echoes of long felled fauna are found, a rediscovery. Ancient rhythms, curled and entwined with modern voice are carried gracefully on the slightest breeze. Despite the illusion of a distant country, the heartbeat ... Read More »