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I-81 Challenge Public Meeting

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, attributed to king Nebuchadnezzar II, were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. If the Rev. Craig French gets his way, Syracuse’s South Side could be seeing a modern version of the gardens, which were purportedly built in the 6th century BC. French, the lead pastor of the University United Methodist Church, said ... Read More »

Volunteers Conserve Creek at Kirk Park

In the tangled green smell of trees and dirt, the cracking snaps of twigs and the chirps of robins and neighborhood children running through Kirk Park, students dug, planted and pulled at the expansive roots and shoots alongside Onondaga Creek in an effort to spread their message of making the world a better place for people, animals and the environment. ... Read More »

I-81 Challenge Public Meeting

The SMTC and NYSDOT will host its third public meeting for The I-81 Challenge from 3:30 until 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 21, at the OnCenter Ballroom. Interested attendees may drop in any time that is convenient. Read More »

Determined Educator Who Puts Students First

Southside Academy Charter School’s leader reflects after his first year: ‘The job doesn’t stop’ After students experienced a long day of state testing at Southside Academy Charter School, principal Delvin Vick decided to give them a reward for their hard work. While the students in third through eighth grades spent the afternoon preparing for the next morning of testing, Vick ... Read More »

Strolling the South Side

It’s unavoidable to walk down any street on the South Side and not come across at least one vacant or abandoned property. It is a familiar sight for residents: windows boarded up, wooden steps broken, shingles on the verge of falling. The Greater Syracuse Property Development Corporation, commonly referred to as the Land Bank, might be just what the city ... Read More »

Art Show Held in Recognition of National Children's Mental Health Awareness Month

The third annual event “Got Art” was hosted at the Museum of Science and Technology on Tuesday, May 7, to raise awareness of children’s mental illness. The theme of the night was “I can…” Through paintings, designs, stand-up speeches and video-taped performances, children showed their talents, reclaimed their dreams and broke down the stigmas given to youth with special needs. Read More »

The Hidden Danger Lurking in Our Neighborhoods

Q: Which of these things is most likely to kill you: murder, alcohol, suicide, tobacco, drugs, AIDS or a car crash?   A: Tobacco. It kills more people than all the causes of death listed above  — Combined. Read More »

Ready to Soar

Calmesha Givens keeps her acting dreams alive while also working at On Point For College Actress Calmesha Givens sits in a room with three other people — waiting — anxious to hear who made the cut. The room is silent as the tension builds. Everyone in the room seems on edge, except Calmesha, better known as “Caly.” She looks confident, ... Read More »

ACT-SO Highlights

Saxophonist, vocalists catch attention with their strong musical performances I ran into Pat Odom about a month or so ago in the supermarket. Pat was my daughter Maricia Danielle’s chaperone back in 2003 when she won first place in the local ACT-SO competition in the vocal music category. The win allowed her to travel to a national competition in Miami. ... Read More »