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Service to Others

Al-amin Muhammad pushes forward to put an end to homelessness in Syracuse Read More »

Guest Column: Get the Lead Out

Seven reasons to get involved in ‘Getting the Lead OUT’ of Syracuse Legal Services of CNY is mounting a campaign and organizing a coalition to end lead poisoning in Syracuse by 2025. Are you all in? If you’re not sure why you should be, read on. WARNING: The following information is not for the lighthearted. In 2012 it was estimated ... Read More »

Syracuse Hosts Workshop on Civic Engagement

Monday, Sept. 17, Matthew Leighninger of Public Agenda spoke at the community room in OneGroup on the importance of civic engagement and the idea of participatory budgeting. Barry Lentz, a member of the fiscal advisory council and co-chair of the Civic Engagement Committee, originated the workshop idea. Lentz credits Mayor Ben Walsh for also contributing, because the mayor has spoken ... Read More »

September Issue

The Stand’s September print issue features six pages of photos from July’s Expanded Photo Walk. These represent a tiny fraction of all the images snapped that day. View the collection here and join us Sept. 6 for a reception at The Link Gallery in downtown. The exhibit showcases 30 photos. Additionally, 10 images are on permanent display at five community ... Read More »

Change Maker

Former parolee returned to Syracuse for second chance and to help others Read More »

Stories of the South Side told in photos on view downtown and throughout the community Read More »

Series: Prison to Family

When Karen Loftin’s mother died, she was in prison. Her prison sentence even took her away from her children when each was learning to walk and talk. Now she has a college degree and a passion for helping others stay out of jail. Loftin’s story is a moving and powerful one about cycles of abuse, the ravages of drug abuse ... Read More »

Get the Lead Out

South Siders work to raise awareness about the dangers of lead poisoning Read More »

New Faculty Advisor Shares Summer Updates

The camera is nearly as big as her face, obscuring her expression. But her intense curiosity, that’s plain as day, clearly visible. And there’s no hiding that this young girl — in her blue, polka-dotted Minnie Mouse dress — is adorably cute. Crouched beside her is Ken Harper, a professional news photographer and Newhouse School Multimedia Photography & Design professor. ... Read More »