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Photo Contest Winners Announced

Sunday evening, 24 winning images and 17 local photographers were recognized for best capturing our 2022 Syracuse summer. The Stand’s annual Photo Bash opened with a celebration of winners, with Michael John Heagerty serving as MC and presenting prizes to finalists at Wildflowers Armory. By dusk, attendees paraded their way — led by UNiTY Street Band — to the Everson ... Read More »

A Tiny Home for Two

By Piper Starnes There’s a new home on West Ostrander Avenue in Syracuse’s Brighton neighborhood. What was once an empty house, engulfed by overgrown trees and high grass, is now a charming, beige and pale green home with patio chairs and a multicolored, ceramic address plaque.  A Tiny Home for Good, founded by Andrew Lunetta, has built 25 homes in ... Read More »

South Side Park Expanding Thanks to $100K Investment

By Natalie Rieth The playground at the Cannon Street Community Center has just four rusty swings, surrounded by an empty grass field and one netless basketball hoop. But next spring, kids on the South Side will have a new playground with colorful themed equipment they select themselves. Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs architect Brian Messe said the ... Read More »

Photo Contest Winners to be Revealed

This week, The Stand’s Syracuse Photo Contest wrapped and local judges are reviewing entries to choose top picks. Four winners will be chosen in each category: #TogetherAgain — A look at summer events Syracuse hasn’t seen in the last two years#SouthSideShot — A visual testament of what makes Syracuse’s South Side distinct#PicturePortrait — A shot of the many faces of ... Read More »

Seeking Redemption

The Pain of Prison I never knew how much prison could affect a child until I got home to really witness it for myself. Rebuilding a relationship with my youngest child by far is the hardest part of my reintegration process. I left when Aaliyah was 4, at an age when all she wanted was her dad. I couldn’t leave ... Read More »

Podcast Episode 4

Spades is More Than a Game “I would say it’s embedded within our community and even I’ll take a step further and just Black culture in general. People love playing Spades,” Tyrone Dixon said. “It brings out emotions, but it also brings out a kind of happiness and cares in good times.” Dixon was born and raised in Syracuse where ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

Dear County Executive Ryan McMahon, Our community is in need of funds for housing, for mental and physical healthcare, childcare and social services and to adequately address the lead crisis affecting young children and their families. According to the best estimate, each year — more than 600 children in our county are poisoned by exposure to toxic lead, primarily from ... Read More »

Q&A with Father Aaron Claiborne

Nominated by Marvin Ramos By Sydney Gold Q: What did it feel like when you became a father?A: I was nervous and excited. I recorded a video for each of them [at their births] to capture the moment, the raw feeling and emotions that I had. My youngest, Aysis, has her video downloaded to her tablet, so hopefully she’ll have ... Read More »

Seeking Redemption

Motivation from the Next Generation Guest Column by Habakkuk Nickens Within the first two years of my prison bid, I received a letter from my daughter, Ariahanna.  This letter was unlike the others she had sent. In this particular one, she asked me if I would be home to make it to her high school graduation. With two years completed ... Read More »

Seeking Redemption

In May 2022, Habakkuk Nickens returned home from a 20-year prison sentence, convicted on racketeering charges. His time was cut short thanks to a compassionate release motion and the First Step Act, which reduces prisoners’ time based on participation in recidivism programs. His contributed column, “Seeking Redemption,” will document his return home. Column 1: Seeking Redemption Column 2: My Return ... Read More »