A Friendly Five

Speeding Train

Musician Jeffrey Houston passes away after leading a life filled with love It is said sometimes that the heart is where love resides, but sometimes I think it could be the other way around. “Love is where the heart resides.” I say that because when one heartbeat stopped — the heartbeat of my good friend and musical brother Jeffrey Houston ... Read More »

Built on Music

Dick Ford encourages music education through Signature Music Camp Dr. Richard W. Ford by most people’s standards would be described as a physically large man. He stands just over 6 feet tall and has hands that could probably span better than an octave on a Steinway grand piano. His voice comes across with authority and with clarity, without force or ... Read More »

Guitar Hero

Syracuse Native Bobby Green Continues to Build Musical Legacy I was hanging out with my two grandsons, ages 10 and 12, a couple of weeks ago when I ran into DeBorah Little. She was at the South Side Innovation Center preparing to participate in a planning meeting for her family reunion. Wanting to show my grandsons that I knew someone ... Read More »

Music for the Soul

Blowin’ in the Wind uses its talents to raise money for children Tony Baird is a military service veteran and an entrepreneur. He owns Tony Baird Electronics, Inc. The company provides audio-visual and Internet technology solutions for defense, transportation and medical companies. He is also a musician. Tony plays bass for a local band called Blowin’ in the Wind (BITW). ... Read More »

Music as Therapy

Jeff Houston plays, writes and hopes to record as he battles cancer Some people say music is healing. Jeffrey Houston of the Jeff Houston Experience believes that wholeheartedly. Jeff is a local guitarist and bandleader. He has been performing since his childhood in a number of local bands, including Strive, Fresh Air, Soft Spoken Band, Positive Attitude and the J ... Read More »

A Musician Cookout

Syracuse JAMS hosts first summer get-together for musicians, families Food plus live music equals fun. On July 19, Syracuse’s Joined Artists, Musicians & Singers, known as JAMS, hosted its first cookout. Dubbed the “Musicians’ Cookout 2K14,” the event was held at Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville, with roughly 200 JAMS members and other arts supporters. JAMS is a loosely ... Read More »

South Side Drummers Reflect on Time Playing

Anthony Williams bought his first conga drum 44 years ago, paying all of $5 for it. At the time, he wanted the drum because he saw the way girls flocked to his brother, who played in a band. Williams, now 62, has been playing ever since. On Syracuse’s South Side, he has played with dozens of drummers in many groups. ... Read More »

Spread the Word

Minister practices his faith by combining singing and preaching Kevin Stephens, now 52, grew up in church. Literally. On Sunday mornings while many families were packing into the family station wagon to head off to a church down the road, Kevin and his 10 siblings were congregating in their living room for Sunday morning worship with their parents. His father, ... Read More »

DJ ZU Plans a Party

It’s a Thanksgiving Homecoming Reunion with a ’70s Blast theme Back in the 1980s, his name was “DJ Grand Electric Shock” when he used to DJ at Top Cats, Gardenia and Nowhere City. Shock was widely known then because he had a reputation for playing good music and promoting “positive events.” Read More »

They Cover It All

Local Starlight Band brings new energy to well-recognized songs As many of you may already know, I play in a band. For those of you who don’t, the name of my band is the Soft Spoken Band, or SSB. The SSB has been in existence without pause since 1984. Being around for almost 30 years, we’ve seen a few changes. ... Read More »