Help for Dads

I was so excited to read the first article in the African-American Fathers Series! I commend The Stand for highlighting the black dads of the South Side, many of whom are involved in their children’s lives — or want to be. I am the Family Court Mediator for Onondaga County. My employer, New Justice Conflict Resolution Services, is a not-for-profit ... Read More »

A New Chapter

Following death of wife, South Side man takes on role of single father Read More »

Helping Homeless

‘Tiny’ programs hope to have big impacts Andrew Lunetta couldn’t look more comfortable. He roams the tiny Brady Faith Center, with a cup of coffee in his hand. He greets each person with a smile and when someone starts a conversation, his eyes focus with a look of genuine interest. Lunetta is easily the youngest there, wearing a navy blue ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

Stop Proposed Cuts to CENTRO Service On Thursday, Feb. 19, we had a meeting at City Hall in Syracuse concerning CNY Centro. Centro is proposing service cuts to the Syracuse area. Local 580 is not in agreement with these cuts. We believe they should be adding services and hiring more drivers. The Mission of CNYRTA is to provide services which ... Read More »

A Deeper Look at Mark Muhammad

Community figure, Nation of Islam minister recently named to Syracuse School Board Mark Muhammad guards himself as if he were his own personal Queen’s guard. He is hesitant about showing emotion, explaining who he is and expressing his beliefs. But once he is willing to speak, he opens up about who he is like the call to the altar. He ... Read More »

Grateful to South Side

Newhouse student recounts her experience writing for The Stand I  really think The Stand is something special. In a world where larger news outlets are laying off reporters to save money and stay in business, it’s become increasingly difficult for a newsroom to cover its market. Syracuse is especially hard to cover because of the broad range of issues residents ... Read More »

Seeking Justice

Local author Roger Knight on his first book and his passions Roger Knight, a local author, says that the court decisions made around the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island remind him why he was motivated to write his novel, “The Citizen Rising.” Even before these events made news, Knight found himself engaged in ... Read More »

Why I Joined The Stand

And why you should, too From the very first workshop I attended for The Stand, I knew that I was on the cusp of a life-changing experience. I was introduced to The Stand through its director, Ashley Kang, who sent out a slew of emails to drum up interest in the newspaper project. Read More »

Amending Violence

David Hills overcame criminal past to work to defuse violent situations A few weeks ago, two men ready to end each other’s life called a truce over a mediated meal. They’d exchanged bullets before trading words: One had put bullet holes in the van of the other. One had shot at the other several times. “These guys are killers, literally. ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor

I saw a report in October on CNY Central News. The report described a murder that was committed on the South Side on Calthrop Avenue. The reporter gave a description of the suspect: a black man in dark clothes. Read More »